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Monash Life caught up with alumni around the world to talk leadership, career advice, inspiration and those Monash memories.

Dr Siobhan Martin

Dr Siobhan Martin (BSc(Hons) 1989, PhD 1998) United Kingdom

Executive Director, Mercer UK

I am inspired by the courage of others. People who have said ‘This needs to be done and I am going to be the one to do it’.

Luke Sayer

Luke Sayers (BBus(Acc) 1993, BComp(InfoSys) 1993) Australia

CEO, PwC Australia

Understanding who you are and the values that motivate you is vital to a successful and fulfilling career. I like to think of my values as my grounding mechanism. They have helped me to set my goals both personally and professionally. My biggest motivation for success is constant progress. I am inspired by new ideas and love to see them through to fruition.

Tracey Fellows

Tracey Fellows (BEc 1987) Australia

Chief Executive Officer, REA Group

The best piece of career advice I received was when I first got the job as Managing Director for Microsoft Australia. As I was finding my feet and working out the type of leader I wanted to be, my mentor said to me: ‘Tracey, it’s all about love’. It was then that I realised leadership is about connecting with people on an emotional level and showing yourself for who you really are – and not being someone different when you’re at work.

Image of Syafique Shuib

Syafique Shuib (BA 2007) Malaysia

Senior Digital Reporter, Astro AWANI

I just want to make my mum proud. My father passed away when I was four leaving my mum to take care of my brother and me single-handedly. Knowing the sacrifices she has made for us makes me want to achieve more in life. She has provided me with a solid foundation in terms of character-building and education, and as I progress in life and my career – I just want to excel in whatever I am doing. Everything I achieve up until now it's not just about self-satisfaction, but it's seeing a smile on my mum's face.

Professor Addeba Kamarulzaman

Professor Adeeba Kamarulzaman (MBBS 1987) Malaysia

Dean of Medicine, University of Malaysia

My favourite memory of my time at Monash was my clinical training years at Prince Henry's Hospital. The doctors and nurses, the mix of patients, the location and the student area complete with a pool table.

Ridyawan Amnar

Ridyawan Amnar (MApplFin 2005) Indonesia

Head of Investor Relations, AirAsia Indonesia

Three words to describe my time at Monash: enriching, challenging, exciting.

Associate Professor Jie Wang

Associate Professor Jie Wang (MMus 2004) United States

Teacher, Berklee College of Music

My favourite part of Monash was the care given to me as an international student, the best so far in my educational experience which includes China, the United States and Australia.

Hock Goh

Hock Goh (BE(Mech)(Hons) 1980) Singapore

Chairman, MEC Resources, Director, Santos Ltd

Have courage and push yourself to the limits in whatever you do. Knowledge is limitless and every person you meet is special in their own way.

Dr Charles CM Ong

Dr Charles C M Ong (MOrgLead 2007) Singapore

Director, Organisational Intervention, Caryl Lynch

As an avid trekker and mountain bike enthusiast, I have climbed the South Face of Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal and am currently working towards a 1100 kilometre ride through the mountainous terrain of Tibet to reach North Face Mount Everest Base Camp. To achieve your dreams you first need to have a strong conviction that you can do it! It will be a dream come true to experience the grandeur of Mount Everest – both the north and south face.

Simon Lopez

Simon Lopez (BA 1991, LLB 1992) Hong Kong

Chief Operating Officer – Asia Pacific, AXA Investment

Giving advice about one’s career path can be dangerous as my experience tells me there is no perfect template. However one thing is certain for me – follow your heart and pursue what makes you happy. At the end of the day we should work hard on our hobbies or sports and enjoy going to work.

Jill Tang

Jill Tang (MApplFin 2009) China

Founder, CareerXFactor

I was determined to enrol at Monash as I believed it would offer me the best finance education. However, besides the education, what I benefited from most was the network of people that I am still in touch with wherever I go in the world. Two of my best friends went to Monash. I was impressed by the quality of the cohort who studied with me and the strength of the global alumni community.

Danny Armstrong

Danny Armstrong (BBus(Bkg&Fin) 1999) China

General Manager, China Banking & Country Head, China, National Australia Bank

Be different and be bold. Be different from your competitors in the job market. Employers are looking for people who think about their business goals and develop solutions to their problems and issues so their business can out-compete in the market. Don’t be the same as everyone else. You are in the big
competition of life. Be bold by thinking outside the square and developing innovative solutions and putting forward creative ideas to solve problems. Great businesses create great opportunities for great people.

Dr Sarah Giardina

Dr Sarah Giardina (BSc(Hons) 1996, PhD 2002) United States

Biomedical scientist, Weill Cornell Medical College

To be your best you must work well with others, ask and answer lots of questions, be passionate, enjoy hobbies and your relationships, tackle problems in a smart and creative manner, work hard, never stop learning, and have fun.

Caspar Schlickum

Caspar Schlickum (BEc(Hons) 1996) United Kingdom


My biggest motivation is happy people. For me the ultimate measure of whether we are succeeding as a business is the people around me. If they are happy, motivated and engaged, then that shows in everything else we do, and that they do in their lives. That’s incredibly motivating for me personally as well.

Dr Perrine Hamel

Dr Perrine Hamel (PhD 2013) United States

Hydrologist, Natural Capital Project, Standford University

Useful career advice? Go and have coffee with people! It sounds simple but forcing myself to create opportunities for “casual conversations” with professionals from different backgrounds has really helped me. You often end up finding answers to your questions when voicing challenges. It can also help you realise how passionate you are about your work which allows you to revisit your career plan.