Welcome to the 2015 edition of Monash Life

Monash Life is designed to provide Monash University graduates with interesting stories about the University today and the many varied paths
taken since graduation by your fellow alumni.

The articles in this edition showcase some fascinating individuals and provide updates on exciting developments in the University community.

Taken together, they weave a larger narrative about the kind of institution Monash is, the traits that define our alumni and the kinds of impacts we wish to make in the world.

The four high-level goals articulated in Focus Monash, our Strategic Plan, are to be Excellent, International, Enterprising and Inclusive.

Excellence you can see most clearly in the articles on the Distinguished Alumni Awards and Rhodes Scholar Thom Woodroofe, but it is a thread that runs throughout.

Our international orientation finds expression in the sheer geographic spread of the places our alumni are making a difference: Malaysia, Singapore, the US, Indonesia, mainland China, Hong Kong, the UK and many other countries.

You’ll also read about how we’re ensuring that this global mindset thrives in the current generation of Monash students through the Global Discovery Program and our activities at Monash Prato.

Our commitment to being enterprising is evident in the work of the Monash Vision Group, where Monash researchers, with two SMEs, are creating technology that could change millions of lives for the better.

And our focus on inclusion can be seen in the account of the changing face of our campuses, as a substantial increase in the amount of on-campus accommodation allows many more students than ever before to immerse themselves deeply in Monash life.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Monash Life, and the insights it provides into the accomplished community that is Monash.

Professor Margaret Gardner AO
President and Vice-Chancellor