2017 Global Discovery Program UK student participants announced

Global discovery programFor seven days the successful students will be hosted by the UK Leaders who will open their workplaces and networks, allowing the students to experience how alumni progress from studying at Monash to working in London.

Students applied by creating a 30 second video with the theme, ‘What will you discover?’ More than 230 students applied for the program. Successful applicants for 2017 Global Discovery Program UK are:

The Global Leaders’ Network UK is a group of passionate Monash alumni working and living in the United Kingdom. The group is led by alumna Siobhan Martin (BSc (Hons) 1989, PhD Sci 1998), along with Simon Bird (BCom 2001); Gina Leong (BEc (Hons) 1992); Christopher Murphy (LLM 1999, MIT 2004); Damien Staples (BBusSys 2005); and Michael Lee (BCom 1996).

'The Global Discovery Program is an extraordinary opportunity for growth and development, and not just for the students. We're very excited to have this chance to get to learn from them too. I wonder what we'll all discover,' Dr Siobhan Martin, Head of Global Leaders’ Network UK.

The students will depart for London in February 2017. We congratulate the students and wish them every success.