Hong Kong alumni raise $1M scholarship

A group of Monash Hong Kong alumni have created an innovative new annual scholarship, worth over HK$1 million, to support a disadvantaged student from Hong Kong to study at Monash in Australia.

Kristy Lin is the successful applicant for this inaugural Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship. She will be joining Monash from Belilios Public School to study a degree in the Faculty of Law in 2017.

Kristy will receive an unprecedented level of support with free tuition, on-campus accommodation, flights, insurance and travel costs covered throughout their degree. Leading members of the Monash alumni community will also provide support through mentoring and internships both in Melbourne and Hong Kong.

The alumni’s generosity comes from the belief that education is a catalyst for breaking what can be generational disadvantage and is proof of their commitment to further Monash University’s goal for global, inclusive education.

In her application, Kristy wrote “I aim to break free from cross generation poverty in my family. Being raised in a public housing estate in Hong Kong, I have a strong passion for law as it is the concrete tool to achieve the intangible goal of ‘justice’. We are not born equally, but we have  the same right to fight for equality. Monash University is exactly where I can come across future leaders, enlarge my social circle and make friends with people who can help me to become a lawyer.”

In recognition of the alumni community's support, Monash was dedicated to finding the very best scholar. Instead of waiting for candidates to apply, Monash delegates worked closely with select secondary schools to identify the scholar who would receive this scholarship.

Alumnus Danny Chung sat on the panel for the Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship and met the candidates personally. He said, “They are fiercely bright, talented young people, with drive and an optimistic outlook to explore the world and make it a better place.”

“I have no doubts that we have made a worthy decision in awarding Kristy with the scholarship and that her values and ambition match our own at Monash,” added President and Vice–Chancellor, Margaret Gardner AO.

Monash is the only Group of Eight university in Australia, and one of the few higher education institutions in the world, where inclusivity is an institutional priority.

Click here to find out information about the Hong Kong Alumni Scholar and to help students like Kristy make a difference in their communities.