Rotary offers post graduate global grants scholarships

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Rotary members, Bob Fels and Keith Ryall invite post graduates to apply for the Rotary Global Post Graduate Scholarships. Bob was closely involved in designing the scholarship and has been on the selection committee since its inception five years ago, using his vast knowledge to help mentor applicants for their best chance at  success.

The Rotary Foundation, through Rotary District 9800, is offering one Victorian graduate support to complete international study at the graduate level through the Global Post Graduate Scholarship program. The successful applicant will go on to further study relating to one of Rotary’s six areas of focus:

  • Peace and conflict prevention and/or resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development

More than just being the recipient of a scholarship, Rotary is seeking a lifelong partner who is committed to pursuing solutions to their six areas of focus through their related career. This period of study must benefit not only the recipient but also show sustainable value to the wider community with high impact. The successful recipient  will also become the link between Rotary and future skilled professionals within the same vocation who are also dedicated to challenging Rotary’s areas of focus.

Demonstrating a personal commitment to community service, the recipient will act as an ambassador for Rotary, District 9800, and Australia while overseas and continue their association with Rotary into the future. The ideal candidate will have well defined and realistic goals with concrete ideas on how to make advances within  their chosen career. Excellent leadership skills and a proven record of academic excellence will also benefit the application.

Successful scholars have had at least a year of real world experience and having had field experience, are ready for the next stage of their career development. Previous scholars have included an optometrist and an audiologist who both went to the London school of Hygiene and Tropical medicine to study public health policy. Scholars will  be linked to a Rotary Club so they have local contacts and can meet local people to broaden their networks.

The scholarship covers tuition, fares and costs (from a minimum of US$30,000 up to a maximum of US$60,000), associated with a post graduate degree, preferably a Master’s degree, at a recognised international institution of the recipient’s choice. The usual timeframe for this degree is two years but can be extended  to a maximum of four years.

“I continue to be delighted by the quality of the scholars who have strong academic credentials but equally important, they demonstrate the altruism that is central to all Rotarians,” says Bob. “Since graduation, they have worked to help communities and others improve their lives. They reach out with warm  personal qualities and it is so rewarding to work with them. This scholarship offers the chance to recognise their achievements and broaden the impact they can make on the world.”

Further information is available from the Rotary District 9800 website. Applications must be received by Keith Ryall, Chair of District 9800 Global Post Graduate Scholar Committee by 18 March 2017 with the aim of commencing study ideally in September 2017.