Catherine Duc

Catherine Duc
Catherine Duc (BBusSys 2000)

Catherine's Voyage

As well as working in the fast paced world of finance, alumna Catherine Duc (BBusSys 2000) has received worldwide acclaim with a 2015 GRAMMY nomination for Best New Age album, Voyager.

Catherine to talk about her work and how Celtic, World, New Age, Electronica and Neo-Classical themes inspire her music. Impressive. Matthew Hamilton from Monash University's alumni engagement team recently caught up with her.

About Catherine

I was born in Melbourne. My earliest music lessons were in a music caravan that visited our primary school. I was in grade two learning keyboard. My interest continued into high school and university. I was always doing music in my spare time and I've completed countless short courses,  at the CAE, recording courses at Hamer Hall including electronic music production as well as a London film scoring class long distance. In my spare time, I've read a 1000 page orchestra manual over the course of some months and routinely spent hours on boring stuff like scales and chords.  My  university days were probably one of the best parts of my life. I studied business systems at Monash University, graduating in 2000. The gym and the rollerblading club were great fun and Clayton was a nice campus, easy to get to. Many fond memories.

One of my life goals was to attend the GRAMMY awards as a nominee. Realising this was amazing, this happened a lot quicker than I anticipated.

The work I'm doing...

I'm currently working in a stock broking firm. My working environment is great, people are super friendly and there's always something new and exciting every day.

I'm inspired by...

I'm a composer of Ambient music with Celtic, World and Electronica influences. Voyager is an alchemy of the ancient and the modern, and the earthy and the ethereal.  My musical influences include Enigma, Deep Forest, Clannad, James Horner, Harry Gregson-Williams, World music and Riverdance to name a few. I'm drawn to artists who have an ability to create haunting  compositions that reflect their own narrative, rhythm or feeling.

What I find challenging...

Achieving a balance between family, work and music. Finding time and place to reflect on my music is important. I try to go somewhere nice, like a beach or a park. To achieve this, I have my entire life mapped on a schedule, including getting to the GRAMMY awards.

Broadly speaking...

Persist...don't give up. You never know how long it will take to achieve your goals. It took me 12 years to get a record deal. It's like digging a tunnel, if you stop you'll never know how close you've come to reaching the other side. Be grateful for the opportunities you receive.