James Lam

James Lam
James Lam (BA 2004, LLB 2004)

He is the jet-setting host of one of China’s most popular television  programs and the founder of burgeoning clothier Michelozzo. It would be  understandable if alumnus James Lam (BA 2004, LLB 2004) had little time for  anything else.

However, the star of China Central Television’s (CCTV) ‘Travelogue’ program is a five-year volunteer veteran of the Alumni Global Contacts Program.  He is one of more than 40 graduates across the world who act as a point of  contact for fellow alumni and the University.

Like many international alumni, James has a deep affection for Monash; an  affection fostered by his positive student experience and the opportunities his  degree has afforded him.

“I spent an unforgettable five years at Monash. I got to meet amazing people from around Australia and the rest of the planet,” Mr Lam said.

“The eclectic student body guaranteed lively exchange of ideas both within  and outside the classroom. It was a truly exciting place to study.”

After graduating, having undertaken a year of Mandarin studies and a law internship,  Mr Lam began working at international law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. He  joined the Global Contacts Program after seeking out other Monash graduates in  Beijing.

“I thought ‘why not become one myself?’ so I could help others in a similar  position.

“I think it's important to be involved with the University.  I find Monash graduates to be exceptionally friendly and supportive of each other’s endeavors. I wanted to help bring the
large alumni community together and  provide assistance to newcomers to Beijing.”

Mr Lam said the best part about volunteering as a contact was getting to  meet new people and forming friendships with fellow alumni.

“People contact me for many reasons,” he said.  “They may want to know about upcoming events  or they may be simply seeking a recommendation on where to get authentic    Peking  duck or the best place to grab a drink.

“Some alumni just find it helpful to have a point of contact when they  arrive in Beijing.”

In early 2011, a break  from the law to travel led to an offer to host CCTV’s travel program. He  founded Australian-based men’s clothier Michelozzo in early 2012 and now divides  his time between Melbourne and Beijing.

He recently added  philanthropist to his curriculum vitae, through his support of Monash  University's Achieving Potential Fund.

“After reading about the  fund and the good it was doing, I felt it was a genuinely worthwhile cause  which helps to make a meaningful difference.”