Komal Sangha

Komal Sangha
Komal Sangha (BAeroEng(Hons) 2011)

It was  during the second year of her degree that aerospace engineering graduate Komal  Sangha (BAeroEng(Hons) 2011) set her sights on a career in the Australian  Defence Force.

Four years  later at age 24, she is a fully-qualified aviation engineer in the Royal  Australian Navy. Based at HMAS Albatross in Nowra, NSW, she works with highly  complex machinery including the Navy’s fleet of Seahawk helicopters.

It was her passion for rotary wing systems that led her to choose to join the  Navy over the other disciplines.

“The  opportunity to work with the amazing technology and machinery really appealed  to me,” she said.

The two  years military and technical training that formed part of her job were a highly  rewarding experience but meant a steep learning curve, she says.

Komal then  spent 10 months learning everything she could about Seahawk helicopters,  including conducting regular maintenance, providing recommendations to the  command, delivering daily engineering briefs, and planning squadron  detachments.

“The  detachments over the last two years have taken me on the HMAS Sydney where we  travelled from Hawaii to Brisbane and to Bundaberg in Queensland for Anti  Submarine Warfare,” she said.

Komal  recently achieved her primary qualification as an Aviation Engineering Officer  and is eagerly awaiting her first posting as a junior Aviation Engineering  Officer.

One of the highlights of her short Navy career occurred while on a  detachment to Caloundra with Seahawk helicopters.

“We had a small stopover at Port Macquarie to show school kids the  helicopter,” Komal said.

“As I was showing them around, a little girl and her mum came up to me  and asked for a picture. The girl’s mother told me the girl was really inspired  to see a female engineer working with a helicopter and had decided that she’d  become an Aviation Engineer as well.”

Komal says days like that made her understand two important aspects of  her job: how lucky she is to have been given the opportunity to join the  Australian Defence Force and how important it is to act as a role model for  younger generations.

Komal's study and training was supported by a Defence University Sponsorship through the Australian Defence Force.