Matt Scully

Matt Scully
Matt Scully (BCom 2005)

There are two characteristics that Australians are known for — their passion for sport and their love of travel.

Matt Scully (BCom 2005) has created a business that combines these two passions to give people a unique travel experience. is a website that allows users to search for sporting events taking place in cities around the world. The idea is to allow travellers to experience cities at a deeper level by making it easy for them to attend local sporting events.

The idea was born in New York when SportsWhereIAm founders Matt Scully and Adrian Gale were on holiday and keen to attend some local sports events.

“We realised it was really difficult to find accurate information. We visited sports bars, bought merchandise, asked for directions and on each occasion we were given different answers. We thought it would be great to have a site where all of this information was centralised, and could become a reliable source for not only sports lovers, but people looking for more authentic travel experiences,” Matt said.

The website has been two years in the making and Matt is proud of the end result. The site allows travellers to see what their sports options are, based on where and when they are visiting a city. They can then access information about tickets, scores, sports bars, memorabilia and more.

Since graduating from Monash with a Bachelor of Commerce, Matt has worked in various sales and marketing roles with companies such as Nestle, Mars (UK) and more recently Fonterra.

“Monash has a great reputation for business related courses, and the Bachelor of Commerce degree gave me a broad commercial overview. Even though my major was in marketing, I gained a basic understanding of many other commercial functions such as accounting, finance, business law, management and supply chain,” Matt said.

He has now left his ‘9 to 5’ job to focus on his new business.

“It’s exciting to have the autonomy to make our own decisions and create a culture that we want to work within. The flip side of this is the fact that we no longer have the resources of a large corporation to fall back on.

“We are passionate about SportsWhereIAm and believe that many people will find our site useful. The site offers information that we would have benefited from in our own travels, and we hope that many others will too. The 'City Pride' area in particular is something that we hope will encourage people to get involved. The aim is for people to share their stories and show why their city is the best place for sports!”

The site currently focuses on the most popular sports events in the most visited destinations around the world, but this will continue to grow on a daily basis.

“We want SportsWhereIAm to be the ‘go to’ site for sports events around the world and we are working hard to achieve this goal,” Matt said.