Ridyawan Amnar

Ridyawan Amnar
Ridyawan Amnar (MApplFin 2005)

Ridyawan Amnar (MApplFin 2005) manages AirAsia Indonesia’s investor relations program. He works closely with AirAsia’s management team to maintain, deepen and expand the investor relationship.

“In order to do that, I have to participate in investor or broker sponsored industry conferences and road shows, coordinate investor visits and conference calls, monitor peer company trend and analysts reports, and make some analysis about the company,” Mr Amnar said.

“To be effective I have to maintain a good relationship with all divisions in the company.”

After graduation, Mr Amnar wanted to focus on developing his career in finance so he took positions at HSBC, Trimegah Securities and Bank Andara before securing his current role at AirAsia.

“My role at AirAsia involves a significant amount of time travelling regionally around Asia to meet investors," Mr Amnar said. "I particularly enjoy the opportunity to meet different people from diverse cultural backgrounds - I get to learn about and explore alternative perspectives.

“Although I studied finance as an undergraduate, I decided to take on a Master of Applied Finance at Monash University because I wanted to develop and deepen my finance skills further with a more practical and dynamic approach.

“At Monash, it’s not just about theory. Monash uses real world examples to apply your knowledge. The teaching is of the highest standard.

“To anyone who is thinking of doing postgraduate study: if you want to expand and deepen your understanding, then you should take up postgraduate study based on your main interests, goals, and objectives.”

Mr Amnar’s future goal is simple: “I want to lead a company. I want to make a significant contribution to the organisation but also institute change that makes for a better society.”