Stan Krpan

Stan Krpan
Stan Krpan (BEc 1991, LLB 1992, LLM 2006)

Ensuring  a healthy, liveable environment for future generations is a high priority for  alumnus Stan Krpan (BEc 1991, LLB 1992, LLM 2006). He has followed this passion along a  diverse career path to his current position as head of Sustainability Victoria.

How  did a law graduate come to head a statutory authority responsible for  delivering waste, resource efficiency and sustainability programs? A career  highlight from 10 years ago may provide a hint – he was involved in the Supreme  Court trial of Esso following the Longford gas explosion.

After  graduating from Monash, Mr Krpan worked as a lawyer in private, community and  public service organisations.

“After  working for about five years, I realised that you should only work in areas  that you are passionate about and where you are able to perform at your best,” Mr  Krpan said.

Mr  Krpan then moved to Worksafe Victoria where he worked for 11 years in health and safety regulation and delivery of business programs. In  2010 he conducted an  independent review of EPA Victoria’s compliance and enforcement activity. It  was a natural progression to his next role as General Manager Governance at Sustainability  Victoria. He was appointed CEO in January 2012.

“I  am really excited to be in a role where I can, not only work in an area that I  am passionate about but actually make a contribution,” Mr Krpan said.

“I  get a buzz out of working with smart people who want to get things done. The  fact that I have a steep learning curve in an area where there is so much  expertise is one of my biggest challenges – but something I enjoy.”

When  it comes to mapping out a career, Mr Krpan suggests being open to different experiences  and taking on challenges even when this seems tough or risky.

“People  will often tell you about rules that apply to jobs and career planning and what  you can achieve, such as whether you can transition from a technical role to a  management one,” Mr Krpan said.

“I  feel fortunate that I have exceeded many of my own goals and my career path has  certainly not followed any guide book.”