Stephanie (Steve) and Victor Walker

Stephanie (Steve) and Victor Walker
Stephanie (DipGenStud 1978, BEd 1985) & Victor Walker (BusEco 1979)

We Met At Monash

Across the Monash University alumni community, graduates tell stories of friendships, romances or business collaborations sparked during their Monash study days. How has your Monash connection changed your life? Read about alumni who met at Monash and went on to form relationships that have continued beyond their study days.

Here Stephanie (Steve) and Victor Walker share their memories.

Why did you choose to study at Monash University?

Steve: In 1974, Gough Whitlam made University fees free, so there was a rush in terms of mothers and wives who wanted to become students. By 1975 I was part of that rush of mature age students to Monash University, or as it was known then, Caulfield Institute of Technology.

Victor: In 1982 I worked in Marketing/Logistics at my day job and I was also in the Army Reserve. For the first time a Graduate Diploma in Physical Distribution Management was offered to mature age students working in that field, so I took the opportunity. 

What was campus life like in the 70s?

Steve: Just being on campus was great fun and freeing in every sense. But I was thirty years-old, and had a husband and two children at home waiting for me, so clubs and activities were out. Technically we didn't meet at Monash but we have so many shared memories of that special time.

Vic: I felt the same. I was working in the Army Reserve, so there wasn't a lot of free time but we enjoyed studying together.

Steve: But at least we both supported each other and understood the demands of studying and writing assignments. Many mum's who were students had husbands who deliberately interfered with their studies.

What did you enjoy the most?

Steve: The people, the ecstatic feeling when my first essay came back. The brilliance of my two media studies tutors. I still get a thrill when I see my former tutor, John Flaus sitting on a bar-stool in the ABC mini-series Jack Irish.

What did you do after Monash?

Steve: I became a teacher and later returned to the Frankston campus of Monash to complete a Bachelor of Education.

Vic: I did the course for work, continued in same field, but with qualifications which made promotion more likely and provided entry into a range of associations and professional bodies.

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