Sue Noble

Sue Noble

As CEO of Volunteering Victoria, Sue Noble (BA 1982) is working in an area close to her heart.

"I love working with and in the community. Volunteering Victoria is a great organisation that supports a good cause," Ms Noble said.

Volunteering Victoria is the peak state body for volunteering. Its focus is on advocacy, sector development and the promotion of volunteering. In her role as CEO, Ms Noble ensures the organisation provides leadership to the sector. She also acts as a media and community spokesperson on volunteering issues.

When Ms Noble graduated from Monash University, she had no specific career plans beyond becoming a librarian.

"I loved my time at Monash," Ms Noble said.

"Initially I was very involved in the social side of university but eventually I settled into study and loved the courses I was doing. I majored in history and philosophy, which gave me a broad well-rounded education and has helped me a great deal in my work and life."

Ms Noble said her time at Monash also cultivated her interest in travel.

"I have always been curious about the world," Ms Noble said.

"When you study history it helps you understand why things are the way they are. Philosophy is about teaching you how to think and critique the world.

"A broad and well-rounded education with lots of travel gives you a better understanding of how the world works."

As well as her Monash degree Ms Noble has a Graduate Diploma of Management and Graduate Diploma of Librarianship from RMIT University; and an MBA and Graduate Diploma of International Trade from Victoria University.

"I like the community sector. After working at public libraries, I worked in a number of membership organisations such as CPA Australia, the Law Institute of Victoria, and Softball Australia," Ms Noble said.

"I have had the opportunity to visit places such as Iran, Bahrain, Taiwan and Scandinavia — places I may not have gone to as a tourist. I've met people and made friends that I would not have met if I did not follow this career path."

Ms Noble has also managed to combine volunteering with her love of travel.

"Last year I went to Malawi and worked as a volunteer in an animal wildlife centre. I got to adopt a baby baboon, who I named Bilbo Baggins. It definitely wasn't a glamorous holiday — I spent most of my time cleaning out monkey cages — but it was an incredibly rewarding experience.

"My advice to anyone considering volunteering is to find something that you are passionate about and go for it. The rewards are boundless."

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