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Research Data Australia (RDA) Registry


The Research Data Australia (RDA) Registry is a software application for storing and managing the collection descriptions (metadata records) that are provided to ANDS and displayed in Research Data Australia. These records describe research data collections and the activities, parties, and services which relate to them; they should comply with the RIF-CS metadata requirements documented in the RDA Content Providers Guide.

There are two methods by which institutions may provide metadata records to the RDA Registry:

  1. Harvest from existing records in an institutional metadata or data store.
  2. Direct manual entry via the RDA Registry interface.

Potential contributors need to arrange for a Data Source Account to be set up for their institution (see below). An individual from the institution is nominated as the Data Source Administrator who will have access to the RDA Registry to configure the feed and manage the Account.

This is a free service available to all Australian research institutions, universities, and government agencies.

Your ANDS Outreach Officer can help you get started, or email

RDA Registry software is open source!

The RDA Registry software is open source, so you can create your own metadata repository and discovery portal in your institution.

Visit developers.ands to get the latest RDA Registry Core software installer and the instructions on how to implement it in your institution, and have a look at the detailed Registry Software documentation.