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Australian Vocabulary Special Interest Group


The Australian Vocabulary Special Interest Group (AVSIG) provides a forum for discussion and activity in the use and creation of controlled vocabularies in research, data, information and collection management.

AVSIG has a Google Group Discussion List to support communication among members. Become an AVSIG member by subscribing to the discussion list. AVSIG also has a wiki site which includes information about scheduled meetings.


The objectives of AVSIG are to:

Participating in AVSIG

Membership is open to interested parties from Australian and international research organisations, including universities, research institutes, collecting organisations such as libraries, museums and galleries, and government agencies. Membership is also open to parties from commercial organisations  such as publishers and database vendors, and industry more broadly.

AVSIG members are welcome to participate to any degree that suits. Some may wish to engage in discussion or explore opportunities for collaboration. Others may participate by simply being aware of the group's existence and sharing that information with colleagues.

Although supported by ANDS, AVSIG’s momentum is intended to be based on need within the community for information sharing and collaboration. ANDS supports community-driven initiatives which foster data sharing and interoperability. As a provider of vocabulary service, ANDS also has an interest in understanding broad areas of need in order to consider priorities for service development.

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