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If you intend to run workshops on FAIR data, or include FAIR in training that you are already running here are some ideas and resources:

ANDS has many resources which reflect or crosscut the FAIR principles - click on the tiles to see the resources.

Some resources about FindableSome resources about PIDsSome resources about Rich MetadataSome resources about Indexed Data RepositoriesSome resources about PIDs in MetadataSome resources about AccessibleSome resources about Standard Communications ProtocolSome resources about Open, Free ProtocolSome resources about AuthenticationSome resources about Metadata remaining availableSome resources about InteroperableSome resources about VocabulariesSome resources about Vocabularies are FAIRSome resources about Linked MetadataSome resources about ReusableMetadata have relevant attributesSome resources on Licensing of dataSome resources on ProvenanceSome resources on Community Standards

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The following webinars may also be useful in developing resources:

The following sites aggregate resources, including educational materials, on FAIR related topics:

  • Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences explains the FAIR principles in detail, and lists FAIR tools and projects.
  • FAIRsharing has some educational materials for Developers, Researchers/Curators, Funders and Editors/Librarians, especially for metadata standards and policies.

ANDS Skills has a wide range of other resources (posters, pamphlets, courses, links etc) that may also be of use.

There is a lot of work going on in this space. If you are aware of training resources that could be added here, please let us know.