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Medical & health Thing 8: Licensing data for reuse


Understand the importance of data licensing, learn about Creative Commons and see how licensing data can assist in creating links with business and industry.

The cans and cannots of licensing

Consider this scenario: You’ve found a dataset you are interested in. You’ve downloaded it. Excellent! But do you know what you can and cannot do with the data? The answer lies in data licensing. Licensing is critical to enabling data to be reused and cited.

  1. Start by reading this brief introduction to licensing research data.
  2. Now have a closer look at the poster from Creative Commons. Click on the descriptions for more information. Notice they have used CC-BY as the licensing information at the bottom of the poster so you know what you can do with the poster itself.

If you have time, flick through the slides from a presentation ANDS gave in June 2016 about licensing data.

Licensing for data reuse

Enabling reuse of data can speed up research and innovation. Licensing is critical to enabling data reuse.

  1. Start by watching this 4.30mins video in which Dr Kevin Cullen from the University of New South Wales explains their approach to licensing which aims to strengthen the University’s relationship with business and industry.
  2. Now read the Australian Government Public Data Policy Statement (2 pages) that was released in December 2015. Note in particular, the last dot point.
  3. If you have questions, ANDS has a list of research data licensing FAQs

Discover: Does your institution have a policy or guidelines around data licensing?

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