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Celebration of 23 (research data) Things in 2016!


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Reflecting on 23 (research data) Things in 2016


Please complete the short survey to tell us:

  • about your 23 (research data) Things journey
  • what you learned
  • why research data skills and knowledge is important to you.

The responses we get are important to us for evaluating the program and planning future related activity.

Thank you for being part of this amazing adventure

Thank you for coming with us on this glorious gallop through 23 (research data) Things. We have learnt alongside you - finding new resources, actually doing the activities to make sure they worked, talking with our new data-champions in the 23T community, making international networks of data enthusiasts.

23 (research data) Things in 2016: A report to the community
(PDF, 0.3 MB)

Karen Visser, Gerry Ryder, Susannah Sabine, Sue Cook, Kathryn Unsworth, Rowan Brownlee, Kate LeMay and Natasha Simons who put together this 23 (research data) Things would particularly like to thank:

  • You for having a go to become more data savvy
  • All the Group Leaders and community group members
  • All 644 of you who contributed to MeetUp
  • All those who presented at our many catch ups and workshops
  • Tweeters who kept  the #23RDThings hashtag full of sketches, quirky photos, comments and resources
  • Those who generously shared their materials, interpretations and artefacts
  • The cake makers (and eaters!)
  • Those who quietly Did-Their-Own-Things
  • Those who came together for Flings, Crash courses and Sprints
  • Our bloggers who delved deep and wide with their thoughts
  • Those who dropped us a line through email
  • 23 (research data) Things people from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, USA, Canada, and elsewhere in the world
  • Our Thing suggesters
  • Our Thing expert advisers
  • Our webinar speakers

23 (research data) Things by quantitative data (a.k.a. numbers)

The response to 23 (research data) Things was amazing! Our 1200+ participants formed Community Groups, joined in catch up webinars and contributed to lively discussions.

23 Things by numbers

23 (research data) Things by geospatial data visualisation (a.k.a. a map!)

23 (research data) Things became a global community with participation from all over the world. Discussions were enriched by different perspectives and insights.

MeetUp Map

What is the community saying about 23 (research data) Things?

On Twitter: people have been sharing their thoughts, resources and virtual cake!

Twitter comment

Twitter comment

Twitter comment

Twitter comment - with cake

In the reflective survey: people have been sharing their experience of 23 (research data) Things

  • "23 RD Things did alert me to so many aspects of research data and it started a conversation in our organisation: We will be sharing data for the first time, our Spatial Data Unit is now aware of existing Government frameworks. The structured collection, management and sharing of [sensitive] data will be a major topic in 2017. Last but certainly not the least, we will have to up-skill in our unit to have sufficient data knowledge and skills."
  • "I undertook the program to encourage my team to undertake it. It has improved my skills and my team is now more confident in  talking about data to researchers. It has been exciting to watch the team explore the things and take very different paths along the journey."

On Meetup: questions have been asked (and answered!), resources shared and connections made.

  • “The interview toolkit by Monash is extremely useful. I feel like I could just pick it up, contextualise it to my institution, and use it straight away!”
  • “While it would certainly be nice to have one metadata schema to rule them all … it is clear from the records in this exercise that disciplinary repositories/schemas utilize much more detailed and specific metadata than the more general repositories”
  • “... Unfortunately university IP policies vary dramatically, and so the intricacies of whether the researcher or the university owns the copyright in what ever it is that is to be licensed is not always easy to ascertain. But it’s important, because, generally, only the rights holder has    the capacity to determine and or apply a licence.”
  • “The Meetup forum gave me a lot to think about, my local group provided lots of excellent discussion and, of course, working my way through the content on the ANDS site has taught me a lot. I will not deny that it was challenging at times and I am really glad I stuck with it.”

From a blog post:

  • "Like many things in life, I find that with the 23 (Research Data) Things, the more that I put into it, the more I get out of it. The more I engage with and explore the ideas presented, the more I discover. And the more paths that I wander down, the more connections that I make, the more I feel motivated and excited by all the possibilities of what I am learning."

From the State Library of Queensland:

SLQ video

23 (research data) Things was certainly embraced by the team at the State Library of Queensland. We've enjoyed seeing their luscious cakes on twitter, hearing their contributions in our webinars and joining them for crash courses  and sprints to the finish.

Now you can hear them tell their 23 (research data) Things story by watching this short video put together by Katya Henry from SLQ.

Time to make a plan

  • What do you plan to do next to further your data literacy journey?
  • Re-purpose, adapt or contextualise the 23 (research data) Things using the Repurpose Toolkit

Sharing the 23 (research data) Things story

Papers and conference presentations featuring the 23 (research data) Things. This list will grow! Please send us a copy of your presentation or paper so we can include it here.

With special thanks to:

Our Thing suggesters:

Anton Angelo, Stephanie Bradbury, Philippa  Broadley, Rowan Brownlee, Sue Cook, Ben Cornwell, Jodie Crimston, Carmi Cronje, Richard Ferrers, Deborah Fitchett, Jane Frazier, Cecily Gilbert, Katie Hannan, Dom Hogan, Matthias Liffers, Duncan Loxton, Alexia Maddox, Birgit Nielsen, Lucia Ravi, Ann Ritchie, Gerry Ryder, Susannah Sabine, Karen Shackleton, Natasha Simons, Eamon Smallwood, Anne Stevenson, Liz Stokes, Katina Toufexis, Katrina Trewin, Kathryn Unsworth, Karen Visser, Belinda Weaver, Andrew Williams

Our Thing expert advisers:

Baden Appleyard, Melanie Barlow, David Benn, Carmi Cronje, Jane Frazier, Simon Goudie, Dom Hogan, Greg Laughlin, Angeletta Leggio, Kate LeMay, Kerry Levett, Gerry Ryder, Susannah Sabine
Natasha Simons, Paul Stone, Belinda Weaver

Our webinar speakers:

Anton Angelo, Catherine Brady, Judy Brookner, Jeanette Bunting, Dave Connell, Julia Crilly, Vanessa Crosby, Sierra De La Croix, Tegan Darnell, Natalie Dewson, Jason Ellul, Julie Gardner, Cecily Gilbert, Simon Goudie, Leanne Griffiths, Ivan Hanigan, Anthea Harris, Luqman Hayes, Diane Horrigan, Mary Anne Kennan, Kate LeMay, Matthias Liffers, Rachel Merrick, Helen Myers, Sarah Olesen, Vicki Picasso, Carmel Ryan, Dianne Shanley, Hannah Shelley, Li Stokes, Julie Toohey, Katina Toufexis, Kathryn Unsworth, Belinda Weaver, Katie Wilson

Community group leaders:

Anton Angelo, Laura Armstrong, Deborah Bennett, Vladimir Bubalo, Earl Butterworth, Steven Chang, Anna Corkhill, Maureen Couacaud, Vanessa Crosby, Tegan Darnell, Sierra De La Croix, Natalie Dewson, Chris Evans, Neil Godfrey, Leanne Griffiths, Anthea Harris, Luqman Hayes, Katya Henry, Peta Humphreys, Em Johnson, Clare Job, Tricia Kelly, Anne Lahey, Ian Lee, Matthias Liffers, Poh Lin Teow, Duncan Loxton, Helen Lynch, Nicholas May, Clair Meade, Ann Morgan, Glenn Mulcaster, Mary O’Connor, Frances O’Neil, Vicki Picasso, Kylie Poulton, Susan Robbins, Caitlin Savage, Joy Sever, Kate Sinclair, Marion Slawson, Karin Smith, Patrick Splawa-Neyman, Jackie Stevens, Liz Stokes, Paul Todd, Julie Toohey, Katina Toufexis, Liz Walkley Hall, Jennifer Warburton, Katie Wilson, Fei Yu

Cake makers:

We don't have all your names but there was a lot of cake. Special thanks to those who made 23 (research data) Things themed cakes

23 things cake
Celebrating 23 (research data) Things at Victoria University of Wellington - cake by Vicky Young

23 (research data) Things cupcakeshalfway cake23RDThings - State library of QLD23 (research data) Things cupcakes

Reflecting on 23 (research data) Things in 2016


Please complete the short survey to tell us:

  • about your 23 (research data) Things journey
  • what you learned
  • why research data skills and knowledge is important to you.

The responses we get are important to us for evaluating the program and planning future related activity.

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