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The Monash University Prato Centre (MUPC) Visual Residency Program highlights the University’s commitment to contemporary art, design and architecture and to building an international profile in creative practice and research.

From 2013, the MUPC Visual Residency Program is a collaborative initiative between the Monash Prato Centre and the Monash Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (MADA). As a multi‐functional academic centre that actively engages with the local community, the Prato Centre facilitates links between Australia and the wider European scene. MADA is an integrative centre for creative production and cultural enrichment. As the University’s authority on visual culture, MADA’s practice-based research contributes to the physical and cultural sustainability of our communities.

The MUPC Visual Residency Program offers established and emerging creative practitioners the opportunity to incubate new ideas, undertake research, and engage with local institutions and industry.


The MUPC Visual Residency Program is particularly interesting from a number of cultural perspectives and can offer an endless array of activities for inspiration, education and professional development. Prato’s proximity to Tuscan historic sites such as Siena and Pisa (Medieval religious, intellectual, educational and arts centres) and Florence (Renaissance economic, religious, intellectual and arts centre) makes it a highly attractive location for a visual residency program. Other major cities in Italy are also within convenient reach such as Venice (Venice Biennale), Bologna, Rome and Milan.

Prato is an interesting and challenging location in and of itself from the perspective of migration studies, cultural studies, inter‐cultural communication, and historic and contemporary economic relations and interactions. Prato is also home to the Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art, the Textile Museum, Renaissance art collections, and it is close to Fattoria Celle in Pistoia, home of the important Gori Collection of site-specific contemporary artworks.

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