Architecture at Monash focuses on the bigger picture. We see architecture, urban design, and urban planning as an integrated whole. We understand buildings within their larger urban or regional environment, and consider cities in the context of a changing planet. Architects imagine the new environments of the future. In shaping where we live, work and play, our graduates contribute to the common good of society, and a sustainable and equitable world.

Great design is the key to outstanding architecture. However, architecture goes beyond just buildings, to contribute to other industries and other kinds of spatial thinking. At Monash, we understand the unique contribution an architectural thinker can bring to industries and disciplines beyond the built environment.

We prepare our graduates for the future – for dynamic working environments where agility, adaptability and inventiveness are essential. Our graduates are creative, critical thinkers able to solve complex problems. While these attributes make great architects, they will also be in high demand by employers of the future, across a variety of industries.

Our staff are amongst the best architectural design teachers in Australia – award-winning architects; engaged teachers; curious and imaginative researchers. Our interdisciplinary expertise is recognised by collaborators from across Monash University, industry, institutions and government.

Our teaching is informed by research – we’re leading integrative, transformational practice-based research on real-life projects that are important to the future of our cities and our planet. Our research projects include the design of sustainable, affordable housing in suburban Melbourne; appropriate and high-quality housing for an ageing population; specialised supportive housing for people with disability; improving health in informal settlements in Fiji and Indonesia through improved water sanitation; investigating the impact of rising sea levels on seaside suburbs and towns; and developing solutions for flood water mitigation in regional Victoria.

Banner artwork: Tim Caldera and Megan Doody, Housing proposal for The Rocks Sydney, 2013

Full width image: Kyla Sabrina, Yadamsuren Idenbayar, and Alexander Lytas, SCHOOL 3147, 2017