Monash Urban Lab

Integrated design and urban planning research for social justice and environmental sustainability.

The Monash Urban Lab distinguishes itself through its unique integration of practice-based design and urban planning research. The Lab combines multi-scalar architectural design investigations with policy studies focussed on transitioning to sustainable and equitable communities. We draw on our strengths within MADA, across campus, and with Australian and international partners to support applied research solutions to community, government, and industry challenges.

The Lab pursues 3 integrated research areas:

  1. Sustainable and Inclusive cities
    • Integrated housing design, typology and policy research
    • Suburban intensification that explores strategic infill, suburban retrofit and new suburban typologies
    • Community engagement with a commitment to underrepresented constituencies
  2. Urban Infrastructure Systems
    • Water sensitive urban design and revitalisation
    • Hybrid natural and built systems
    • Reindustrialisation
  3. Visualising Urban Futures
    • Visioning future urban scenarios
    • Urban Data Analytics
    • Critical inquiry around ‘smart city’ data applications in urban planning and design

Monash Urban Lab encourages applications from prospective PhD candidates with Architectural Design, Urban Planning, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture backgrounds. Prospective applicants will be assessed based on their alignment with one or more of the Lab’s three themes.

Current projects

Past projects

Banner artwork: Monash Urban Lab, Urban Intensification & Green Infrastructure: Towards a Water Sensitive City, 2016