The Melbourne Section

Investigating future scenarios for a sustainable growth across Melbourne.

the melbourne section

“Cities should be understood as interdependent urban systems, relying on complex resource networks. New urban models and typologies that demonstrate an integrated position in both urbanism and architecture will produce successful urban ecologies.” – Maud Cassaignau & Markus Jung

A year-long examination of Melbourne’s urban conditions exposed opportunities and provoked future scenarios for sustainable densification on a number of scales. Aiming to address the impacts and effects of population growth, changing identity, economical interdependency and climate change, The Melbourne Section challenges planimetric thinking through a sectional investigation, acting as a catalyst for urban transformation. It emphasises the importance of urban analyses as a means of discovery.

Enticed by Melbourne’s enormous urban boundary and contrastingly small number of inhabitants, the team analysed the eastern band as a series of smaller components, each revealing complexities and unique aspects of culture, economy, infrastructure, resources, education and history. The revelation of these existing qualities, strengths and potentials, acted as the catalyst for the design process, while offering cues for a holistic approach. Rigorous on-site mapping, first person inquisition, historical investigation and demographic analysis instigated notions of mixed-use employment, housing and education through innovative and resource-conscious densification.

Maud Cassaignau & Markus Jung, XPACE architecture + urban design, MADA Department of Architecture

Ass.Prof Milica Topalovic + Martin Knüsel,
Future Cities Labratory, Singapore ETH Centre (SEC)

MADA Architecture students
Semester 1 2013 - research students
Ashini de Alwis
Edward De Fegely
Charlie Du
Benjamin Ellul
Angus Hamilton
Steve Kasinski
Lara Pannuzzo
William Tymms
Son Voong
Sophie Weber
Kai Zhu

Semester 2 2013 - design students
Ashini De Alwis
Timothy Cox
Charlie Du
Benjamin Ellul
Charlotte Fitzgibbon
Tim Fok
Anne- Lise Ip Sian Thoo
Steve Kasinski
Viet Luc
Damian Palamara
Robert Rosamilia
Sara Sidari
Son Voong

Contributors Research Semester
MAS Monash Architecture Studio

XPACE architecture + urban design

Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore-ETH-Centre (SEC)
Assistant Professorship of Architecture and Territorial Planning
Asst. Prof. Milica Topalovic

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projects-the-melbourne-section-6Urban food production

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projects-the-melbourne-section-8Richmond current food stories

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