Student work

Student work

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Banner Image: Rosina Prestia, I Adjust to Orange (detail), 2016

Image (Graduate research): Elizabeth Gower, Savings series (detail), 2010

Image (Architecture): MengMeng Wu, Maker Incubator, 2016

Image (Interior architecture): Bingsi Jiang, Saikuru no umi, 2017

Image (Communication design): Emily Anderson, Ivy, 2017

Image (Industrial design): Zachary Crowe, Nyth, 2017

Image (Fine art): Imogen Yanera Lee-Cowell, Phase 2003, 2016

Image (Visual arts): Dean De Landre, Untitled (Banana), 2017

Image (Art History & Curating): Jessica Pickering, Orrery (installation view), 2016