Form City

future scenarios for Monash

“Architecture is not about the conditions of design, but about the design of conditions” (Tschumi, B. Advertisements for Architecture, 1976-1977).

The National Employment and Innovation Clusters (NEIC’s) proposed in Plan Melbourne (2014-2016) presents a new way of looking at and arranging our city and suburbs. Unlike activity centres (nodal) and transport corridors (linear), which have underpinned Melbourne’s development for more than 50 years, the proposed NEIC’s covet large swathes of established suburbia (assemblies) equivalent in size to many European and Asian cities. This is a substantial shift for Melbourne – which offers many unknown design possibilities.

This studio will use design propositions to engage with – and give form – to the embryonic concept of a knowledge and innovation cluster, focusing on Monash NEIC. What is its scale, structure and identity? How many centres are there? What kind(s)? What makes up the fill between these centres? Where is the architecture?

We ask you to consider these new territories as opportunities for design operations, experimenting with novel architectural typologies in response to the sites you will discover. Through developing your proposals you will be asked to consider what role architects can actually have – and how design can inform – these ambiguous places? It is your generation of designers that will be the practitioners who will ultimately realise this shift in the experience of Melbourne.

This course is paired to the formless city studies unit.

Lee-Anne Khor with Rutger Pasman
Wednesdays 9.00-12.00 + 13.00-16.00