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Development Potential
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Studio Agenda
“Development Potential” is a design studio that investigates the role of architectural design in the creation of value in the built environment. As the practice of architecture occurs within an ecology of competing interests and limitations, understanding and engaging directly with these forces is critical in the creation and delivery of innovative architecture. Focussing on concepts of ‘quality’, feasibility and sustainability, students will explore methods for overcoming apparent limitations in delivering architectural design.

Studio Brief
Students will be set the challenge of proposing a housing development (residential apartment building or other) through the hypothetical acquisition of land at the periphery of Melbourne’s CBD. The scale and ambition of each proposal will be guided by its ‘development potential’; as concepts of planning risk, amenity and energy minimisation are weighed up against build rates and return on investment. Ultimately, at a minimum, each project will need to ‘stack up’. But to go beyond the spreadsheet, you will need to propose a vision for the future of how we will live in our cities.

Masters Design Studio | sem 1 2017 Dr Drew Williamson (McBride Charles Ryan) Fridays 10-5pm Monash University, Caulfield Campus