In the media

ABC News (27 March 2020) "Professor Ariel Heryanto, Indonesian academician in Australia who continues to strive for friendship between the two countries" [Profesor Ariel Heryanto, Akademisi Asal Indonesia di Australia yang Terus Upayakan Persahabatan Dua Negara]
Author: Sastra Wijaya

Jakarta Post (24 November 2019) "The rise and fall of Ahok: In search of Chinese-Indonesians’ identity"
Author: Harry Bhaskara

UNAIR News (13 November 2019) "UNAIR delegation upholds the other side of the Chinese community in the 2019 Monash Herb Feith Centre Conference" [Delegasi UNAIR Angkat Sisi Lain Masyarakat Tionghoa dalam Monash Herb Feith Center Conference 2019]
Author: Nabila Amelia

BUSET (3 November 2019) "Explores Chinese ethnic identity" [Mengupas Identitas Etnis Tionghoa]
Author: Buset

Pressreader (1 November 2019) "Kabar"
Author: Lily Wibisono

Kompas (31 October 2019) "Revisiting Indonesian nationalism and unity" [Meninjau Kembali Nasionalisme dan Persatuan Indonesia]
Author: Harry Bhaskara

OZIP (23 October 2019) "Note from the 2019 Chinese conference: Not just a matter of racism and nationalism" [Catatan dari Chinese Conference 2019: Bukan sekadar masalah rasial dan nasionalisme]
Author: Pratiwi Utami

ABC News (4 October 2019) "Director General of Culture Hilmar Farid discuss Ahok and Indonesian Chinese politicians in Melbourne" [Dirjen Kebudayaan Hilmar Farid Bahas Ahok dan Politisi Tionghoa Indonesia di Melbourne]
Author: Sastra Wijaya

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