International webinar featuring Margaret Kartomi: Musical and Cultural Research Journeys in Indonesia from 1970 to the Present

Monash University academic Emeritus Professor Margaret Kartomi will be in discussion with his Highness the Sultan Sekala Brak, together with key academics and alumni from Monash and Indonesian Universities, at an upcoming webinar about Indonesian cultural research.

The webinar: “Musical and Cultural Research Journeys in Indonesia from 1970 to the Present" will be held on the 10th of August 2020. (See registration details below.)

Emeritus Professor Kartomi (Founding Director MAMU), will be in discussion with the 23rd Sultan of Sekala Brak, Pangeran Edwarsyah Pernong; Hasyimkan Ssn, MA (Lecturer in Music at University of Lampung and former Monash Music guest lecturer); Dr Ari Pahlawi (Dean of the Faculty of Arts Education at Syiah Kuala University, Aceh and Monash Ethnomusicology alumnus); and Dr Kismullah (Head of the English Centre at Syiah Kuala University, Aceh, and Monash PhD Linguistics alumnus).

Professor Dr Karomani/ Rektor/Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lampung will open the proceedings and the Chair will be the Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof Dr Patuan Raja, M Pd.

The webinar was initiated by the University of Lampung in the lead up to the first-ever event dedicated to the previously under-researched arts, music and culture of Lampung: the ICCE/International Conference and Cultural Event of Lampung. The upcoming conference will include performances by a team of musicians and dancers from Lampung, and an exhibition of rare Lampung textiles and artworks. Rektor/Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lampung, staff and students will present papers and performances with Australian and international experts on Lampung arts and culture.

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