MISS 6: Indonesia's Polling Industry after the 2019 Election

Indonesia’s polling institutes impressed so many analysts for their highly consistent accuracy in predicting the result pre-election surveys and quick counts on election day. Given the rising power they have earned over the past two decades, polling institutes have inevitably also become a new political battle ground in the broader political life in the nation, as well as a target of attacks from some.

In a most engaging and instructive presentation to the Monash Indonesian Seminar Series (MISS) 6, Thursday 8 August 2019, Dr Dirk Tomsa shared his research findings on the history, the success story, and challenges of the polling survey as a new big industry in Indonesia. While the pollsters have the great potentials to improve the quality of democracy in Indonesia, heavy fragmentation within the industry has posed challenges to the credibility of the industry as ethical and methodological standards vary.

Click here for a video recording of the seminar.

Dr Dirk Tomsa is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics, Media and Philosophy at La Trobe University, Melbourne. His main research interests include electoral and party politics in Indonesia as well as comparative Southeast Asian politics.