MISS 8: Marriage, the Family and Reformasi in Indonesia

In the latest of our seminar series (10/10/2019), we were so fortunate to present demographer Dr. Ariane Utomo to speak about a topic so central to the social and political life in many societies: marriage and family.


Utomo challenged a conventional practice among her demographer colleagues of looking at changes in marriage patterns as a way to understand fertility outcomes. Instead she examined marriage and family as an approach to understanding the broader processes of economic development and socio-political change.

More specifically, she examined the heated debates in Indonesian public over issues such as the ideal  family or the right time to get married. These issues were to be examined in the broader post-Reformasi years, where marriage and the family have become a battlefield “between conservative forces promoting discourses like Halal love and polygamy on the one  hand, and more progressive forces that calls for higher minimum age at marriage to be legislated”.

Dr. Ariane Utomo is a Lecturer in Demography and Population Geography at the School of Geography, the University of Melbourne.

Click here for a video recording of the seminar.