Visiting Fellowship

Leading scholars of Sufism are invited to be in residence at Monash for the purpose of sharing their research, giving an academic lecture in Sufism to the Monash cohort as well as participating in IAI’s public program. During their residence, it would be expected that the visiting scholars would:

  • contribute to the teaching and research programs;
  • join the monthly Ibn Arabi reading group meetings;
  • contribute to the Monash University public engagement program through the delivery of lectures or other engagement activities.

The travel expenses of the visitors are covered by the Initiative, which also provides a small amount of stipend or honorarium determined by the Advisory Board, depending on the length of their stay and the budget.

While the Initiative is interested in welcoming as many leading scholars of Sufism as possible, it will have a very busy schedule, and it might not immediately accommodate the requests of researchers. It is recommended, especially for the international researchers, to contact the Initiative at least a couple of months before their proposed stay for the necessary arrangements.

The visiting fellowships are currently inactive due to COVID19.

Doctoral Fellowship

Ibn Arabi Interreligious Research Initiative will provide full financial support for promising doctoral studies on Ibn Arabi and his heritage. The admittted students will be supervised by an interdisciplinary committee, and emerge as prominent scholars of Ibn Arabi with interdisciplinary skills. The doctoral students will be expected

  • to join the regular research activities of the Initiative and the Monash cohort,
  • to help with the organisation of the public events and meetings, including the workshop and the international conference,
  • to give talks or seminars on their research,
  • to offer one undergraduate level unit relevant to their research field.

The doctoral fellowship opportunities will be announced on this webpage and on the MIAS page in 2021, and the first doctoral student will be hired in late 2021.