Graduate Monash Sourced Placements

What is a Monash Sourced placement?

  • The WIL team contact a host organisation and arrange specifically defined placements
  • Monash Sourced placements may be with a host organisation either in Australia or overseas
  • ALL host organisations must meet Monash University OHS guidelines and be approved to be part of the WIL program
  • Students are not required to be paid during their placements as they receive academic credit (the WIL team does not ask any host to provide payment to students for Monash sourced placements)

Current opportunities (Graduate)

As part of your application, you may specify up to three preferences from the list of opportunities. This will help the WIL team in matching you to a suitable placement.

Within Australia

Semester 1 2020 opportunities


Summer 2019/2020 opportunities

Placement Proposal questions

As part of the application process, you will be asked to respond to some proposal questions. We will use your responses to these questions to assess your application. If successful, you will be shortlisted for ONE of the preferences you have selected. You may not be shortlisted for your first preference.

Your responses may also be shared with the host organisation when we send your resume; we therefore encourage you to take time with your responses and make sure they are written clearly.

Please see the questions below with some information on what we need to know.

1. Please describe what type of placement you are interested in and what you hope to achieve?

Onshore and Offshore applications: please specify up to three preferred opportunities in this section and explain why you are interested in them. You need to provide clear information about what you would like to gain from your placement.

2. Please identify what specific skills you would you like to develop during your placement and why?

You will need to provide information on your areas for development and improvement that this placement will provide. (e.g. technical skills, communication skills, teamwork).

3. What personal and professional goals do you hope to achieve as part of your placement?

In this section you should be able to provide us with information on how your placement will support your career goals.

4. Please explain how the placement you hope to gain is relevant to your degree/major and how it will enhance your learning.

In this section you will need to describe how the placement will relate to your course or major.

(As part of your application, there will also be a 5th question which must be answered)