Industry partners

Every year, the centralised WIL (Work Integrated Learning) Monash Arts team facilitates over 400 internships for Undergraduate and Graduate Arts students.

We are excited to confirm that Internships will be continuing for the rest of 2020. We are adapting to the current climate and are prepared for a Virtual WIL (VWIL) delivery if necessary. Monash University will support our hosts in on-boarding and supervising students remotely throughout 2020.

As the nature of work becomes more flexible and teams learn how to collaborate effectively at a distance, it is important that our future workforce prepares for this new environment.

A Virtual Internship provides students with an opportunity to bring fresh insight and a different perspective to your organisation. See here for more information on the VWIL model.

Centralised WIL team – we manage recruitment

No need to manage applications yourself or navigate through various departments in the University. The centralised WIL Arts team will advertise your opportunity, source suitable students and conduct a thorough vetting process. We will send you a shortlist of suitable students and you will decide who you would like to interview and select for your internship.

If you already have an idea of an internship you have available, complete the Placement description and send to Our team will be in touch to confirm the placement and arrange for it to be promoted.

Why an Arts student?

Our Arts student’s skills and technical competencies are particularly valuable during this time of uncertainty. Skills in research, communication of complex ideas and critical thinking have never been more important.

Our students come from a broad range of study areas such as Communications (PR, Media, Journalism and Screen), Criminology, Public Policy, Sociology, Human rights, International relations and International studies and bioethics (to name a few).

For more information on the Undergraduate and Graduate student cohort see our 2020 course guides: Graduate and Undergraduate.

Hear from some of our current industry partners and why they love working with Monash Arts students.

What duties can an Arts student undertake with my organisation?

Monash Arts students can assist in many areas and below are some examples. Discuss your needs with our expert team and they will work with you in developing a placement description and sourcing the right student for the role:

Area Example of duties
Communications and media
  • Media strategy, media analysis, media relations and policy
  • PR Campaigns: researching, planning, and implementing of strategic public relations campaigns
  • Video production and editing across a broad range of media platforms and screen cultures
  • Social media and marketing strategy: content writing, blogs, market research
  • Developing resources such as newsletters/bulletins
  • Evaluation of programs using survey tools
  • Strategic communications: advocacy and persuasion, crisis communications, audience research and data analytics
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Developing strategies to target diverse communities
  • Build partnerships with relevant organisations
  • Fundraising support
  • Advocacy and client liaison
  • Research, analysis and writing
  • Grant writing and proposal development
  • Interviewing relevant stakeholders or community members
  • Desktop research, report writing and publishing
  • Archiving, cataloguing and digitisation of data/material
  • Policy research
  • Events
  • Contribute to the event planning and implementation process
  • Assist with fundraising activities for events
  • Event support and attendance
  • Day-to-day support
  • Office duties - administration, arranging meetings, minutes
  • Client management
  • Data management
  • Key times

    WIL placements run for 75 hours (approx. 10 days) or 144 hours (approx. 20 days) and can be completed within approved academic intakes as below:

    Semester 2 (August to October) 1-2 days a week for 12 weeks
    Summer (Nov 1 to Feb 21) 2-4 weeks full time or 1-2 days a week for 12 weeks
    Semester 1 (March to May ) 1-2 days a week for 12 weeks
    Winter Intensive 2021 (June to July) 2-4 weeks intensive

    Host obligations

    • Appoint a mentor/supervisor for the student
    • Provide meaningful work with the opportunity to experience a real-world professional environment
    • Provide a safe working environment (hosts must complete an OHS form when setting up the internship)
    • Hosts are not expected to assess students or be involved in their academic assessments, but will be asked to complete a survey on completion of the placement.
    • Students will undertake assessments throughout their placement and may ask you for your industry perspective. We ask that hosts provide students with professional mentorship and the opportunity to expand their industry networks.
    • Hosts are not obligated to pay students - students are gaining credit for their internship and agree to the terms of the unit

    Resources for host organisations

    Expressions of interest

    Please take a moment to fill out our online form to express your interest. A member of the WIL Team will then get in touch to discuss your specific needs and explore how your organisation can best engage with Monash University's current undergraduate and graduate talent.


    Monash University has a Personal Accident Insurance Policy which provides capital, medical and loss of income benefits for all currently enrolled Monash University students. Students are covered by Monash insurance for the duration of their internship for any hours that are completed as a requirement of their unit. Please email if you would like a copy of our insurance documents.

    Student placement pack

    For host organisations who are approached by a Monash student for a “Student sourced” placement, you will be asked to complete the Student Placement Pack. Email our team if you have any questions about completing this form, or regarding your obligations in hosting a student.

    Internship description

    If you have an idea of the opportunity available, complete the Internship Description and send to Our team will be in touch to confirm the placement and arrange for it to be promoted.

    Host guide

    Our Guide for Host Organisations outlines a host’s obligations, provides advice on induction and supervision, as well as the key contacts in the WIL team and faculty.

    Previous host organisations