Monash sourced placements

What is a Monash Sourced placement?

  • The WIL Arts team sources internship placements for students studying the full range of programs in the Arts Undergraduate degrees and Master's programs
  • We work with over 400 partner host organisations, so a wide range of options is available
  • Monash Sourced placements may be with a host organisation either in Australia or overseas
  • ALL host organisations must meet Monash University OHS guidelines and be approved to be part of the WIL program
  • Monash sourced placements are unpaid

Your WIL options

No matter where you are living, there is a WIL option for you!

We encourage students who are overseas, interstate and regionally-based to source their own placements in their locations. This is a great opportunity for you to develop your networks and learn more about employment options in your home city or region. These placements can be undertaken remotely or on-site depending on the restrictions of the region.

If you would like to source your own internship, see our Student sourced page.

Placement opportunities

The WIL team has an active database of hundreds of host organisations and can match students across the full range of undergraduate and masters programs. We no longer advertise our opportunities, however, we encourage students to use the Proposal Questions to describe the type of internship that they would like to undertake. Please see below for more information on outlining your ideal internship.

Undergraduates: Depending on your eligibility, WIL placements can be undertaken as a free elective or can count towards a major (with faculty approval).

Graduates: Placements offered for masters students will be approved by the relevant Director of Programs and deemed to align with the learning and career outcomes of your masters program.

For more detail on this, go to Start your Journey here.

Preparing your Resume

Prepare a professional resume before you apply for WIL!

We will assess your resume and forward it to a prospective host. You may wish to create a specific copy of your resume for your WIL application, outlining any professional experience, volunteering/group activity, areas of study and interests.

Additional tips on writing your resume:

  • Use a professional format and inject some personality (through colour, design/formatting, maybe even a photo).
  • Outline your degree and major/specialisations at the beginning of the resume: hosts want to know what you are studying, what skills you have gained and if you have any specialised technical skills.
  • Hosts will not favour a student with spelling/grammar mistakes in their resume, as it’s an indication of poor attention to detail. Ensure you review your resume for spelling and grammar errors. If we notice any errors, your application may be unsuccessful.
  • Save your resume as a PDF document and save in this format: LastName –Student ID –Resume e.g. Smith – 12345678-Resume.pdf

Career Connect can provide you with assistance on writing your resume through workshops and online assistance.

Placement proposal questions

As part of the application process, you will be asked to respond to 5 proposal questions when you submit your application via InPlace. We will use your responses to these questions to assess your application.

If successfully matched to a host organisation, your responses may also be shared with the host organisation when we send your resume; we therefore encourage you to take time with your responses and make sure they are written clearly.

1. Describe what type of placement you are interested in and what you hope to achieve.

Please describe:

  • The kind of placement you would ideally like to undertake
  • The tasks/duties you would like to be involved in
  • The type of organisation you would be interested in working with
  • What you would like to get out of the internship experience

2. Identify 2-3 key skills you will bring to a potential host and how these skills will add value to the organisation. This can include a mix of technical and interpersonal skills.

You will need to provide a description of the skills you have, either from your studies or work experience. Then describe how you would use these skills within your ideal internship (as described above).

3. What personal and professional goals do you hope to achieve as part of your placement?

In this section you should be able to provide us with information on how your placement will support your career goals.

4. What strategies and actions will you need to adopt to ensure you have a positive placement experience?

5. Please advise the suburb, state and country you are currently living in.