Fundraising Associate – India

Fundraising Associate – India

Organisation Name: Atma
Location: Mumbai/ Pune, India
No. of places available: 2- 1 in Mumbai and 1 in PuneSuitable Discipline/s: Media & Communication, Marketing, Arts, Project Management, Sales, Business and other relevant disciplines

About the Organisation

Atma provides intensive support to education non-profits and social enterprises, helping them solve their daily operational challenges and plan for their future growth. Faced by a lack of resources and expertise, high-potential education organisations are often unable to maximise their impact.

The Atma Accelerator program provides organisations with hands-on guidance and expertise in management and programme delivery. Atma’s support enables them to become sustainable and impactful organisations delivering high quality programmes on ground.

About the Internship

Role description: Fundraising Associate InternStart Date: Flexible (to be determined with the host)
4 weeks minimum

Role Description

Atma is looking for a fundraising associate to provide support to the fundraising staff at its partner organisations. The major role of the fundraising associate is to create actionable steps for implementation of fundraising, develop required materials/tools for implementation.

The key responsibility of the Atma Marketing Associate will be focused on working with the Atma Partnership Manager and leaders of the Partner Organisation to establish a clear marketing plan for the NGO including:

  • Developing a fundraising plan and strategy for the partner organisation
  • Creating a fundraising pitch presentation for the organisation
  • Generate new ideas and business opportunities to increase fundraising and fund development to meet and exceed goals.
  • Establish an ongoing fundraising program to support the work
  • Research potential donors and foundations to identify and evaluate potential funding sources
  • Creating two page document for the partner organisation
  • Creating content for the partners crowdfunding campaign

    Specific Skills and Experience Required:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Computer skills and experience with Microsoft Office is very helpful.

    Desired Qualities:

  • Excellent written and verbal English communication
  • A friendly and professional demeanor
  • Excellent coordinating skills, positive and energetic attitude
  • Self-starter
  • Patient and able to deal with ambiguity
  • Strong desire to meet goals and commitments.
  • Maturity

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How to Apply

Please apply for ATS3130 or ATS3935 Arts International Internship.

For more information please contact the WIL team.