In Flanders Fields Museum Internships – Belgium

In Flanders Fields Museum Internships – Belgium

Organisation Name: In Flanders Fields Museum 
Location: Belgium
No. of places available: 2
Suitable Discipline/s: History, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, International Relations, International Studies

About the Organisation

In Flanders Fields Museum, Ieper/Ypres – Belgium, will provide exciting internship opportunities for students interested in the First World War. This is the most significant and innovative museum dealing with the Great War. The museum presents the story of the First World War in the West Flanders front region. It is located in the renovated Cloth Halls of Ypres, an important symbol of wartime hardship and later recovery. The permanent exhibition tells the story of the invasion of Belgium and the first months of the mobilisation, the four years trench war in the Westhoek – from the beach of Nieuwpoort to the Leie in Armentières – the end of the war and the permanent remembrance ever since. The focus of the scenography is the human experience and calls particular attention to the contemporary landscape as one of the last true witnesses of the war history. In that context, a visit can also be arranged to the belfry, from where you have a view over the city and the surrounding battlefields. Hundreds of authentic objects and images are presented in an innovative experience-orientated layout. Lifelike characters and interactive installations confront the contemporary visitor with his peers in the war, a century ago. The In Flanders Fields museum is much more than a permanent exhibition. There is a current educational action for students from inland and abroad, besides a cultural and artistic programme. In the research centre of the museum every visitor can delve deeper into that dramatic period of the history of the world. Individually you can research the big, global background story here as well as the very personal and local history. For more details see here.

About the Internship

Role description: Project InternStart Date: Flexible 
Minimum 4 weeks

The Project: The Name List and the commemoration of the First World War
In 2014 the commemoration of the First World War draws unprecedented attention. Around the world the centenary of the start of WW1 is remembered in different ways. Official institutions and other stakeholders present a diversified range of initiatives and activities on the Great War. Each initiative reflects a different to interpret war and the memory of it. It is striking, after a hundred years, public remembrance often still suffers from unconquered ‘them-and-us’ thinking. With the Name List project, the In Flanders Fields Museum (Ieper), aims to overcome this divide, by placing humanity central to the commemoration. The Name List includes all victims – both soldiers and civilians, former friends and foes, of any origin – who lost their lives in Belgium due to the First World War. Beyond each alliance or enmity that once brought them to Belgium, all victims ultimately share one characteristic: that they all died as a result of the war in this country. A hundred years after the Urkatastrophe no other truth can be more universal. In the current context that one characteristic is enough for all to be commemorated here and now by name. The Name List offers a unique perspective on remembrance and makes great contributions to the WW1 research and education. A hundred years on, it is time to rethink WW1 remembrance. With the Name List, the In Flanders Fields Museum is ready to help shape the debate.

Role Description:

  • Add personal details of Australian soldiers who were killed in Belgium to our Namelist. The Service Records  of the Australians are  online and can be used to pick up the biographical details
  • Add all sorts of local WW1 locations on a google earth application
  • Research for a temporary exhibition in 2017 on the 3rd battle of Ieper in general  and focussing on  Australian war photographers in particular
  • Other ad-hoc tasks as required.

Note: Students will have to organise their own travel and accommodation.

Scholarships & Funding

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How to Apply

Please apply for ATS3130 or ATS3935 Arts International Internship or APG5044 if you a graduate student

For more information please contact the WIL team.

*Applications must be submitted 2-3 months prior to intended start date*