Lingua Technologies – Singapore

Lingua Technologies – Singapore

Background: Lingua Technologies is a translation/localization company based in Singapore. They are offering Monash students an opportunity to gain practical experience and deeper knowledge of Asia’s language business industry through working with their organisation as an intern.

Established in 1996, Lingua Technologies International is one of the pioneers in translation and localization in Singapore. Today, it is the leading language service provider and is among the most prominent ones in Singapore. The company offers turn-key localization solutions to both local and foreign government agencies, Fortune 500 companies as well as high-growth SMEs in the region and worldwide. More details…

Internship positions are available in the following core functions of their organization:
Projects Management

Interns Role will include all aspects of Project Management:

  • Planning and management of translation projects
  • Co-ordination of linguistic and other resources to achieve the successful completion of projects and jobs
  • Ensure clients’ request are met
  • Meet deadlines
  • Quality Control of Project output

The functions above require an internship of at least 3 months for it to be beneficial to both yourself and the organization.


  • You will work closely with our staff and get first-hand insight into the dynamics of the Asian localization services industry
  • An excellent training ground if you want to work in a multi-cultural environment
  • Lingua Technologies International values the input of all staff at every level
  • If you are interested in exploring career opportunities in Asia, Singapore is an excellent primer given its strategic location and cultural accessibility

A limited number of internship positions are available in any one period, throughout the year. Intake to the program is on a continuing basis from different parts of the world with no specific recruitment period.

While they welcome applicants from any relevant discipline, you should possess:

  • A good academic background
  • Strong written and verbal English language skill. Fluency in another Asian or European language is a definite advantage
  • Strong communication skill
  • High sense of professionalism and cross-cultural awareness
  • Teamwork and cross-functional ability
  • Strong interest/background in languages, localization solutions or any other fields related to Lingua Technologies International’s work scope
  • Be computer proficient and familiar with Microsoft applications


Internships vary in duration between 3 months to 12 months and are dependent on the functions you are assigned to.
The program is normally full-time and you are expected to work five days a week (9.00 am to 6.00pm) in the position assigned.
You may be required to work more hours as the work dictates and work hours may be changed by the Company to meet its specific requirements.

Paid overseas interns receive an allowance of SGD1200 a month. This amount is sufficient to live comfortably in Singapore as a student. This allowance is not a salary and as such will not be subject to taxes.

Lingua Technologies International will arrange for your visa application and pay the fees to the government once your application to the program is approved.


1. The students should meet the eligibility criteria to enrol in APG5044 Professional Internship

2. Enrolled in


  • Asiabound Scholarship at $3,000 each

To be eligible for scholarships you must be:

  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Enrolled as a postgraduate student

All students (domestic and international) will be eligible for additional $500 Monash Abroad Travel bursary plus travel insurance.

Domestic students may be eligible for interest free government loan (like HECS) of upto $7,500 through OS-HELP.

Application process:

There are places available throughout the year but please submit your application between 2 – 6 months before the start of the desired internship period to allow us time to process your application.

Go to the Application form and submit your details and documentation*. Applications are due

* Lingua Technologies requires the following included your application:

1. Period for which you will be available
2. Why you chose Lingua Technologies International
3. Something about yourself – including your age/ date of birth, nationality
4. Any past working experiences
5. Which aspect of Lingua Technologies International’s business you are most interested in
6. English speaking referees whom we could contact
7. Your recent photo taken within the last 3 months

Shortlisted candidates shall be invited for an interview. Following a telephone interview Lingua Technologies may ask you to do a short written test.
Once selected, they will ask for various documents to obtain an immigration pass for
you to live and work in Singapore. This usually takes about 4 – 6 weeks to process.

Their Admin staff will also assist you with your accommodation needs.

How to Apply

Please apply for APG5044 Professional Internship.

For more information please contact the WIL team.