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Whether you’re an undergraduate or a graduate student, an Arts internship is a fantastic way to use your theoretical knowledge in the workplace and gain the skills highly valued by employers. Consisting of a workplace component and an additional coursework component, internships can be taken domestically or internationally, and can be student sourced or Monash sourced (sourced by the Arts Faculty).

  • Build Experience - Undertaking an internship helps you to build experience and develop your professional skills. This helps you to find suitable employment after graduating.
  • Take the first step - An internship is often the first step of your career, and doing one while studying is a great way to signal to potential employers that you know the realities of working in a professional environment and can contribute from day one.
  • Get hired - Many employers that we work with end up hiring interns upon graduation, or provide references, connections and guidance to help them find a job.

The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) team are keen to match you up with an internship that meets your needs. For internship opportunities, students complete a comprehensive application form which records information such as: field(s) of study; career objectives; employability skills; personal goals; availability and restrictions. The WIL team uses this information to match you with a suitable internship opportunity.

WIL Arts Information Sessions

If you are new to the WIL Program and you want to find out more, the WIL Arts team run Information Sessions at the beginning of each semester, currently held via Zoom. Please refer to 'Upcoming events' via the Key Dates page.