WIL Arts Program update – COVID-19

There have been extraordinary challenges in recent months. The health and well-being of our students and industry partners is paramount to us. Please stay well and get in touch if you need support.

Virtual Placements (VWIL)

We have adapted to the changing climate and we now offer a Virtual WIL (VWIL) program where necessary. VWIL offers a local immersive experience that is supported by a host supervisor, unit coordinators and the WIL team. VWIL is not a simulation; it is an opportunity to be part of an historic change to the way in which we work, and to learn from the experience.

Over 400 Arts students have undertaken highly successful and rewarding Virtual Internships during 2020 and 2021. The feedback from our hosts and students has been overwhelmingly positive. As we move back into the workplace, we will continue to offer face to face placements where possible, but we will also continue to offer virtual placements. We are committed to adapting our program according to industry and government requirements, and will ensure we continue to offer a quality program for both hosts and students.

See our Virtual WIL (VWIL) page to find out more about Virtual Internships.

2020/2021 applications

Please visit our Key Dates page for details on opening and closing date for upcoming semesters.

Industry partners

We have experienced overwhelming demand from industry for our structured and supportive VWIL program. Please reach out to our expert team if you would like to engage a Monash Arts student for an internship: wil.arts@monash.edu


For general assistance and support on the WIL Program, please contact the WIL Arts team at: wil.arts@monash.edu

If you are currently on a placement, and have questions in relation to your academic assessments, you can post a question on the Moodle forum, or contact your WIL Unit Coordinators: