ACJC Advisory Board

The ACJC is governed by Monash University regulations and an Advisory Board composed of university and external members. We value the academic independence of our Centre and its staff in accordance with our mission and the ethical practices of Monash University.

The ACJC Advisory Board meets on a quarterly basis and is composed of a balance of university and external members. Its role is to provide strategic advice and to ensure that the Centre is fulfilling its mission statement and fiduciary duties. The ACJC Director prepares quarterly reports for review by the Advisory Board.

Professor Sharon Pickering Dean, Faculty of Arts
Professor Christina Twomey Head, School of History, Philosophy and International Studies (SOPHIS)
Professor Rebecca MargolisDirector of ACJC
Associate Professor Rebecca Forgasz Community Engagement and Intercultural Communication
Ms Lisa Mitchell Director, Development (HASS and Monash Business School),
External Relations, Development & Alumni
Ms Robyne Schwarz Chair of the ACJC Advisory Board
Emeritus Professor Andrew Markus  
Emeritus Professor Ilana Snyder  
Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg 
Ms Romy Grace 
Ms Monica Kempler 
Ms Laini Liberman 
Mr Quentin Miller