ACJC Director Professor Rebecca Margolis to advise state government on Holocaust education

The Director of the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Professor Rebecca Margolis, has been invited to join the State Government's Holocaust Education Expert Working Group. The Group was formed as an outcome of a 2019 Department of Education & Training review of two incidents of antisemitic bullying in schools. The review committed to a number of recommendations to support students, families and schools in responding to antisemitism and racist bullying, including ensuring that Holocaust education is taught in every Victorian secondary school.

The Expert Working Group has been tasked with identifying and quality-assuring Holocaust education resources, developing additional Victorian-specific resources, and advising on ways to assist Victorian teachers to use these resources confidently and effectively.

Professor Margolis has extensive experience in the field of Holocaust education, including as a member of the Advisory Committee of the Canadian Institute of Holcaust Education and the Advisory Board of the Canadian National Task Force on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research.