Our Mission

The ACJC's mission is to research and teach, in its breadth and diversity, the significance and evolution of Jewish civilisation and its contribution to the world.

The goals of the ACJC are:

  • to offer a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate subjects encompassing the gamut of Jewish civilisation, including history, thought, literature, languages, classical texts and modern Israel studies;
  • to undertake interdisciplinary research that encourages university-wide, national and international collaboration in Jewish studies;
  • to develop Masters and Doctoral programs of international standing;
  • to train Jewish studies teachers and to provide opportunities for postgraduate study in Jewish education and Jewish professional development;
  • to engage the broader public by hosting forums, seminars and debates and by the provision of educational resources; and
  • to promote inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue in the university and wider community through collaborative scholarly projects

The ACJC is proud to be part of a university which bears the name of Sir John Monash, an eminent Australian Jewish figure. The Centre was founded in 1992 under the leadership of Professor Bernard Rechter, followed by Professor Andrew Markus and Associate Professor Mark Baker. Major donations from benefactors led to the establishment of several research chairs and lectureships. The ACJC continues to seek transformational gifts, bequests and major donations for scholarships and research.