Gen17 Jewish Education in Melbourne

This important new report, co-authored by Emeritus Professor Andrew Markus, Dr Miriam Munz and Tanya Munz, is based on data from the Gen17 Australian Jewish Community Survey and incorporates new qualitative research into parents’ attitudes, perceptions and decision-making regarding Jewish schooling. Key findings in the report relate to cost and affordability of Jewish education, what motivates to choose a Jewish school (or not) and the attitudes and Jewish identity of Jewish school versus non-Jewish school graduates.

Aussies in the Promised Land

Findings from the Australian Olim Survey (2018-19)

This report, co-authored by David Mittelberg and Adina Bankier-Karp, presents an analysis of data collected as part of the Australian Olim Survey (2018-19). It presents an overview of the lives of the Australian olim before their aliyah, their aliyah experiences and how their lives and attitudes compare to those of Jews currently living in Australia. It also some of the predictors of re-migration to Australia and offers recommendations for communal policy.

The Leo and Mina Fink Story

This website is part of a major research project that aims to document and record the extraordinary achievements of husband and wife Leo and Mina Fink, transformative Jewish community leaders who lived their lives in the service of others.

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Jewish Attitudinal Surveys

The attitudinal surveys of the Jewish community are designed to collect information on individual experiences, needs and emerging issues and expectations. The results of this survey will help provide vital information to enable informed decision making and better allocation of funds for service provision.

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Holocaust memoirs

The Holocaust Autobiographies Catalogue is a database of over 180 memoirs that have been written by survivors of the Holocaust and published in Australia. These books have been written by people from different countries and different communities.

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Australian Census Analysis

The Australian census is conducted every five years by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.There is, however, a problem with using the census for identification of a religious or ethnic population such as the Jewish.

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Mapping AustraliaMapping Australia's Population

This site seeks to augment informed public discussion of immigration and population issues.

The material on the site was compiled by Professor Andrew Markus and is provided to further informed understanding of (1) population change in Australia, as indicated by statistics detailing immigration and population growth and (2) Australian public opinion on immigration and population issues.

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Yiddish Melbourne ProjectYiddish Melbourne Project

This website is part of a major project undertaken within the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Monash University, to document and record a comprehensive history of the way of life and institutions of the Yiddish speaking immigrants who settled in Melbourne, and the values and outlook of their descendants.

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Yisroel Shtern ProjectYisroel Shtern Project

The Yisroel Shtern Project aims to present all of his work in Yiddish on the net, together with representative English translations. The project has been supported by the voluntary work of gifted translators on two continents, and by the Australian Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilisation, which has a special interest in Polish Jewry between the world wars.

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