The New Zealand Jewish Community

In 2008, B’nai B’rith Auckland, in collaboration with the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilization at Monash University, conducted a survey of the New Zealand and Australian Jewish communities.

The project enjoyed the support of the Boards of all the Jewish congregations throughout New Zealand. In addition, most organisation and nonaffiliated groups, which represented the New Zealand Jewish population, contributed.

The objective of the survey is to establish a better understanding of the views and needs of Jews in Australia and New Zealand, including:

  • the experience of Jewish (and non-Jewish) education; the constant and changing elements in Jewish identity;
  • the views of Jewish communities on the issues they see as of greatest priority;
  • the views of Jewish communities on the services provided by communal organisations;
  • the views of Jewish communities on areas of need in the community;
  • the challenges facing families, and Jewish youth; the outlook for the future.

The material published here will provide information for better planning, funding and resourcing as well as help New Zealand Jewish communities to understand the specific challenges we face for the future. It is vital research for Jewish continuity. There is slight variation in totals because not all questions were answered by all the respondents.