Ausraeli Jews: a profile of Israel-born Australian Jewish residents

by Dr Ran Porat

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About the report

This report presents a profile of Israel-born Jews resident in Australia, including their views on selected topics related to identity, emigration, homeland, and religion. The analysis in the report is based on data collected in the 2016 and earlier Australian censuses. It also draws on the Gen08 and Gen17 Australian Jewish Community surveys conducted respectively in 2008 and 2017.

Migration from Israel to Australia started immediately after the creation of the Jewish state in 1948 and it has not stopped, although the number of arrivals changes from year to year. It is a varied migration stream: not all Israel-born are Jews, not all Israel-born regard themselves as Israelis, and there are Israelis who were not born in Israel. Israel-born Jews in Australia do not necessarily regard themselves as part of the Jewish community.

This report is focused on the Israel-born Jewish population of Australia. The term ‘Ausraelis’ – a combination of ‘Australians’ and ‘Israelis’ – was coined by the author in his doctorate, completed is 2013, to describe the community of Israeli nationals residing in Australia.

The analysis in this report positions Israel-born Jews in Australia along two axes. The first axis is time, where this report examines and details what changed and what remained the same over a period of more than a decade. The second axis is related to the Australian Jewish community. It locates Israel-born Jews on a continuum of views, relative to the majority or mainstream of the Australian Jewish population.

Related publications

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The report “Ausraeli Jews: a profile of Israel-born Australian Jewish residents” was launched at an online event hosted by the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation on Thursday 5 November 2020.