Elective units

APW coordinates and teaches a number of elective units designed to develop students’ academic and professional capacities in language, writing, critical and independent learning: these capacities are highly valued by employers and essential to your success as a university students.  Our units include first year level units, as well as second and third year units (all 6 points) and are open to any student who can take an Arts elective. Please contact enrolments and admissions in Arts or your home faculty to find out more about eligibility and enrolment. To read the handbook entry for each unit, with full details of unit objectives, campus, teaching mode, and assessment click on the title below.

Detailed unit descriptions

ATS1340 – English for academic purposes
(usually offered Summer semester)

This unit will provide students with the opportunity to develop existing skills in the following areas: reading, writing, discussion, note-taking, locating sources, referencing, exam revision, writing critiques, and extending their familiarity with key concepts in successful study at University. The program is 100% online and runs entirely over January 2017. The final submission deadline is February 10 at which time you can submit all the assessments.
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ATS1297 Academic writing
(usually offered Semester 1, Clayton and Caulfield)
A practical and intellectually challenging introduction to writing and study in the university, with a focus on developing students’ ability to write effectively, and think critically, whatever their discipline, course or degree. This unit is recommended for any commencing first-year students at Monash, but you can take the unit at any point in your degree. We often get feedback from students like this comment from a first year student in 2015: “As a first year student, and therefore a student who did not have much experience with University level essays, the research skills and general essay writing experience I obtained in this unit were invaluable,and will continue to be valuable skills within my other units.

ATS1298 – Professional writing
(usually offered Semester 2, Clayton and Caulfield)

In the modern workplace, the ability to communicate well, both in speaking and writing, is highly valued. In this unit we will focus on developing effective communication, particularly in written form, in professional contexts. We will study and produce types of writing and documents that are essential for you to secure professional employment, as well as to thrive in the kind of professional employment you can expect to find as a graduate. The unit is based in practical exercises to develop your abilities as a writer and also an editor of professional standard texts, but also designed to further your conceptual understanding of key issues in professional communication: audience, context, and language. We will also study principles of ‘information gathering’ and research for professional contexts, and put these into practice through activities and assignments.

ATS2490 – Advanced Professional Writing
(usually offered both semesters, Clayton and Caulfield)
This unit aims to develop students’ professional communication capabilities, to assist students to apply knowledge and skills from an academic context to workplaces, and for students who have undertaken ATS1298, to refine the language and communication abilities learned in the first year unit. The unit will focus on the production of extended documents in genres used in workplaces, particularly tenders, submissions, proposals, grant applications, instruction manuals, position papers, project reports and accompanying documentation. It is aimed at developing students’ workplace communication, professional English and research abilities within and beyond the academic world.

ATS2743 Build your career: planning and strategies for employability
(usually offered Semester 1-Caulfield; Semester 2-Clayton)

What are you going to do with your degree? The world of work is changing rapidly. New opportunities and challenges are appearing, and being flexible and open to learn is essential no matter what degree you take. Having a broad understanding of decision making, the role of work in life, and practicing career self-management can enable you to recognise opportunities, and to communicate more effectively about your goals and achievements. This unit can be taken as an elective and is suitable for students from any faculty. It is aimed specifically at students in their second or middle years of their degree and may be taken in conjunction with, or as preparation for internships and industry based learning. The unit content has been developed in partnership with Monash Career Connect.