About us

The Border Crossing Observatory is an innovative virtual research centre that connects Australian and international stakeholders to high quality, independent and cutting edge research on border crossings.

Based at Monash University, the Observatory draws together an international network of critical criminologists and researchers from related disciplines who work in connection with key NGOs to examine border crossings and irregular migration differently, putting the experiences of human beings at the centre.

The Border Crossing Observatory is built on a strong foundation of empirical research. Our researchers adopt inter-disciplinary social science approaches to research irregular migration and border control.

Our research seeks to transform knowledge and develop new ways of thinking, bringing new insights into policy debates associated with irregular migration and border control.

The Border Crossing Observatory was invited to amalgamate with the Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre (MMIC), and is hosted under the 'Borders and bordering' portfolio. The Observatory will continue to produce high quality, independent research on border crossings from its established networks of researchers, NGO partners and postgraduate students.

See our research agenda.