Recognising the value of creativity in border-related research

BOb’s Associate Processor Leanne Weber has recently discussed her experience in conducting exploratory research for her current ARC Project ‘Globalisation and the Policing of internal borders’ in the Border Criminologies Blog. This blog piece is linked to her recent chapter ‘Taking the Border for a Walk: A Reflection on the Agonies and Ecstasies of Exploratory Research’ which was written for 'Criminal Justice Research in an Era of Mass Mobility' co-edited by BOb’s Rebecca Powell with Andriani Fili and Synnove Jahnsen.

The chapter addresses the role of exploratory approaches for researchers undertaking studies concerning the border and the particular value of this open-ended method in researching relatively new terrain. The conclusion to this blog highlights the importance of creativity in the conduct of research. Despite it often being overlooked in the pursuit of methodological rigour, Leanne argues that creativity is essential in both social science and scientific inquiries.