Handbook on Migration and Global Justice

In a time of rapid economic, cultural and technological globalisation, there are few disciplines within social science and law that remain untouched by cross-border mobility and migration. In turn, unprecedented levels of global movement, and the responses that governments have made to selectively encourage, manage or prevent these movements, have given rise to pressing questions of global justice on a scale that could not have been envisaged a generation ago. These questions arise in relation to the political economy of labour migration, the human rights of asylum seekers, the involuntary separation of families, human trafficking and worker exploitation, new technologies of border control and border-related violence, contestation over the social and legal boundaries of citizenship and belonging, and in emerging developments in global governance. This handbook will bring together cutting-edge contributions from leading international scholars and commentators from a range of disciplinary and geo-political perspectives to consider these developments at the confluence of migration and global justice.

This handbook is under contract to Edward Elgar Publishing.

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Associate Professor Leanne Weber

Associate Professor Claudia Tazreiter