Supplementary assessment

Parent policy:

Assessment and Academic Integrity Policy [University]

Note: This business process applies to teaching periods that commenced after 1 January 2021.


A. Eligibility for supplementary assessment

Supplementary assessment is additional assessment given to students who have completed all required assessment for a unit but failed to obtain a pass grade. This may include a scheduled final assessment or any other form of assessment.

Note: An amendment was made to the Monash University Academic Board Regulations at Academic Board meeting 3-2020, which sets out the power to amend a student's final results and the eligibility for a supplementary assessment for units of study undertaken during the specified teaching periods as a result of COVID-19. The following applies to the semester 1 2020 teaching period and until further notice:

Where a student who achieved a final mark of between 40-49 in a unit of study during a specified teaching period applies for a supplementary assessment, the Board of Examiners is required to grant the student a supplementary assessment. Any supplementary assessments granted under regulation 19A do not count towards the limit of two supplementary assessments per course set out in regulation 19. A student who completes a supplementary assessment may not be awarded a final mark of greater than 50 for that unit of study.

  1. A student is eligible for supplementary assessment in accordance with the eligibility requirements set out in the University’s Assessment Regime Procedure.

Responsibility: Students; Faculty Board of Examiners.

B. Award of supplementary assessment

  1. The Faculty Board of Examiners will consider all eligible students and will award supplementary assessment to students enrolled in Arts-owned courses, as it deems fit.
  2. The student will then receive supplementary assessment in the following instances:
    1. For any student enrolled into a Psychology unit that reports to the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (MNHS), the student will receive an NS on the recommendation of MNHS;
    2. For any student, they will receive an NS grade if they have 24 points or less of their course left to complete, and successful completion of the NS unit would permit the student to complete their course.

Responsibility: Students; Arts Student Services staff; Faculty Board of Examiners; Chief examiners.

C. Scheduling of supplementary assessment

  1. Supplementary assessments are scheduled in accordance with the University’s Assessment Regime Procedure.

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