Andy McKilliam


Main supervisor Tim Bayne, associate supervisor Jakob Hohwy

I am a PhD candidate working at the intersection of philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, and the science of consciousness. My research explores the implications that recent developments in philosophy of science have on long-standing issues within the philosophy of mind. More specifically, my research seeks to employ some of the new tools of philosophy of science to develop a framework for uncovering the neural basis in-virtue-of-which consciousness arises, and for explaining how the conscious brain works. Naturally, before we can explain how something works we need to know what it does. Part of my research explores causal modelling frameworks suitable for developing a detailed account of the various effects that consciousness has on cognition and behaviour and the ways in which it can be manipulated.


Mckilliam, A. K. (2020). What is a global state of consciousness?Philosophy and the Mind Sciences1(II).